1974 -
& The Death Of The Herald

(CD 2013, 60:50, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- The Great Galactic War(03:13)
  2- Phantoms(04:30)
  3- Herald Of Life(03:15)
  4- Building An Empire(03:51)
  5- Essential Arms(04:49)
  6- A New Beginning(06:05)
  7- Vera(04:40)
  8- Admiral Tackett(04:59)
  9- The United Earthlands' Assembly(04:15)
10- A Dark Thought(03:02)
11- Abduction(05:22)
12- Ultimatum(03:36)
13- Death Of The Herald(09:06)

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1974 is a progressive rock quintet from Newington, Connecticut (USA). The line-up cosists of Mike Forgette (guitar, vocals), Adam Clymer (guitar), Angela Rhea Piccoli (keyboards, vocals), Gary Dionne (bass, vocals), and Tim Moore (drums, vocals). Since 2007, the band has been captivating audiences with their sound, based on powerful guitar riffs and catchy melodies, Beach Boys-styled harmony vocals, and energetic stage performances inspired on bands of the'70s, such as Yes, Kansas, Rush, Deep Purple and Jefferson Starship. In 2012, the band won "Best New Band" at the 1st Annual CT Music Awards at The Bushnell Theater. The following year, the band won "Best Rock Band".

1974 brings beautiful melodies and memorable moments, driving songs and at times complex parts, that take you by surprise. & The Death Of The Herald is a brilliant concept album with more than an hour of varied and memorable music. 1974's & The Death Of The Herald exists just to be heard from start to finish. In true prog fashion, there are odd time signatures, vast tempo changes, and flourishes the musical extravaganza that often is best enjoyed by the true lovers of the prog genre.

But the real difference between 1974 and most of the other progressive rock bands is in the voices. The presence of three male and one female singers, really steps up the game. They are all fantastic singers that effortlessly convey a wide range of emotions. Four different singers, all gifted, always catchy.

This album is highly recommended and will be at the top of my 2014 end list for sure. Wow!
****+ Gert Bruins (edited by Esther Ladiges)

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