41Point9 -
Still looking For The Answers

(CD 2011, 56:41, Progrock Records PRR307)

The tracks:
  1- The Bullet's In The Barrel(7:12)
  2- Living In Hard Times(7:58)
  3- Building Blocks(4:49)
  4- The Feather(5:28)
  5- One In A Bar(7:29)
  6- Surface Tension (A Drive Thru The City)(6:55)
  7- Promise The Moon(6:38)
  8- Still Looking For The Answers(6:07)
  9- The Torch(3:59)

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Now, I'm a great cat lover and specifically those red tom cats that are cuddly, cute and quite ferocious at the same time. Depicting such a cat on your CD-cover yields many additional points plus a lot of humour inside the booklet. That's nice, but boy, do 41Point9 need those points! I won't say anything about this pretentious band name - or did I just do that? - so let's bitch about the music. Yes, it's released on Progrock Records but it should have come with a warning sticker: watch out, old school prog lovers, this is Spock's Beard light on the AOR-side! Having two former members of Enchant in its line-up and accompanied by many guests musicians of name and fame like Nick D'Virgilio (Spock's Beard) and Dave Weckl (Chick Corea Electric Band), the music is very well produced and of a great sound quality. However, musically it's safe, very safe. Lowlight is the ballad The Feather that I can't finish listening to. Along come tracks like Surface Tension which has a nice build-up and fine solos with a jazz-fusion feel. What to do with Still Looking ForThe Answers ? Well, I'm still looking for the answer - sorry, but I couldn't resist. I think I'll give this disc to the teenage daughter of my neighbour. She's not ready yet for the real prog world, but with this release she might gently become familiar with the genre.

**- André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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