Accordo Dei Contrari - Kublai

(CD 2011, 45:31, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- G.B. Evidence
  2- Arabesque
  3- Dark Magus
  4- L'Ombra Di Un Sogno
  5- Più Limpida E Chiara Di Ogni Impressione Vissuta, part I
  6- Battery Park

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I swear I had to check twice as I was almost sure this album has been recorded in the beginning of the seventies, but it is from 2011. If any of you didn't hear the great resemblance with The Mahavishnu Orchestra during the opening track G.B. Evidence, you acutely need to see a doctor to wash out your ears! That violin is just like Jerry Goodman' s and that playing on the synthesizer must be Jan Hammer; unbelievable! Especially because Accordo Dei Contrari doesn't have a piano player amidst the group and no, Jan Hammer doesn't have a guest appearance on this terrific album. Who does, is Richard Sinclair from Caravan, Hatfield And The North and Camel fame. He lends his unique voice to the only track with vocals L'Ombra Di Un Sogno, which turns into a Soft Machine seventies track with Sinclair instead of Robert Wyatt on vocals; very nice indeed. Then it's back to John McLaughlin-like blistering guitar work and up-tempo break speeding work. This album is very much in the jazz-prog vein of the seventies and therefore not original at all, but I don't care since this is welcome stuff!

****- André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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