Age Of Aquarius -
...Out There...

(CD 2021, 50:33, Rock Company VRCD512021)

The tracks:
  1- Anyone Out There?
  2- Face Of The Unknown
  3- Mysterious Light Being
  4- Alone In The Universe
  5- Fifth Dimension
  6- Non Carbon Life Form
  7- The Men In Black
  8- Atomic Eight
  9- First Contact
10- We Come In Peace

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In 2017 Age Of Aquarius, consisting of multi-instrumentalist Peter Cox and vocalist Nakoma Z, launched their debut album called Dawn Of The Age Of Aquarius.

Now, four years later, this duo, release their follow up album ...Out There... which again features a lot of progressive roots, mixed with pop melodies galore. Again, just check out the song titles, the lyrics deal with alien and outer space topics and the in between storytelling (a bit superfluous to me.) was inspired by documentaries on UFOs and science fiction!

Musically also not much has changed since their debut album and therefore I am not really impressed with this new album as most of the ten songs tend to become tedious and boring after a couple of spins. Especially the vocals of Nakoma are not diverse enough to really enjoy this album as they are sometimes too emotional and lots of times too dramatic and over the top, at least in my humble opinion. Therefore, I must state that the instrumental Atomic Eight is my personal highlight of this, sad but true, mediocre album.

However, if you liked/enjoyed Age Of Aquarius's debut, then this new album will also be your cup of tea, so, enjoy then.

*** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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