Airbag - Disconnected

(CD 2016, 52:07, Karisma Records)

The tracks:
  1- Killer(9:18)
  2- Broken(7:08)
  3- Slave(8:39)
  4- Sleepwalker(7:05)
  5- Disconnected(13:10)
  6- Returned(5:11)

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Disconnected is the fourth album of the progressive Norwegian rock band Airbag, and is it their best album so far. Maybe .... I am not quite sure yet. Airbag's music is very melodic and blends a couple of musical styles with soaring guitars (Bjorn Riis is again a guitar revelation here...) soulful vocals (Asle Tostrup) and lush soundscapes.

The new album features “only” six songs reflecting on the theme of alienation between society and the individual person. The opening song, Killer, one of the first songs written for this album, almost sounds like U2 and Riis' guitar solo is more than outstanding, bringing this song to another musical level. Broken begins with an acoustic passage, but after a while the tempo increases and we hear the good old Airbag sound again. The third song of the album called Slave is perhaps the most mysterious one and Sleepwalker shines because of the very emotional guitar solo. The title track is the longest one (clocks over 13 minutes) on this album and it is a rather complex song, again featuring an almost immaculate guitar solo and also the chorus of Disconnected is highly addictive. The sixth and final track of this album is called Returned and again it is a beauty, filled with a beautiful melody, stunning guitar work and heartfelt vocals.

So, in short you could say that Airbag has done it again and if you liked their previous albums, then you can buy Disconnected without even listening to it; so again I can highly recommend this new Airbag album.

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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