Airbridge -
Memories Of Water

(CD 2021, 55:15, Voon Records)

The tracks:
  1- Fanfare To The Uncommon Worm/What Was (and What Will Come)(6:28)
  2- Canterbury Kate(7:10)
  3- New England(5:34)
  4- Where Shadows(4:27)
  5- Utter Nonsense(4:07)
  6- The Buddha Song ("I've Got One On My Head!")(5:06)
  7- Piggy With A Pen(3:14)
  8- Under The Same Moon(5:37)
  9- Black Skies(3:18)
10- In Memory Of 3(5:12)
11- Middle East(5:02)

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I listened several times to Memories Of Water and I had to think what was bothering me. Now I know. This new album by Airbridge is an album of non-progressive prog. Memories Of Water is an album with a lot of things prog fans like from the era when this kind of music was called progressive. In that sense there's only one thing lacking, the 20 minute epic. 7:10 minutes is the longest track and the name of that song is Canterbury Kate (ouch).

The band started in 1980 by Lorenzo Bedini on guitars/keyboards/vocals. The band nowadays has Matt Gamble on bass/vocals and Dave Dowdeswell-Allaway on drums/acoustic guitars/piano/vocals. The trio does its best to sound as old fashioned as possible.
Is it bad? Well, production wise it's not great (understatement) and the whole album lacks originality. Track titels as Fanfare To The Uncommon Worm (yak) and Piggy With A Pen were nice in the early Canterbury years, when the real progressive rock bands were coming up.

This is a great album for the age group that is complaining on social media that bands from the past don't sound anymore like the bands they fell in love with when they were young. This one does and for me that's a problem.

** Arne van Os van den Abeelen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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