Alex Pilkevych -
That Way Lies Madness

(CD 2021, 29:11, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Madness(1:48)
  2- Honesty(5:45)
  3- Celery(5:29)
  4- Trauma(5:39)

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Alex Pilkevych is a Polish musician who has already released three albums, Explanatory Gap (2014), Within The Brain Drainery (2015) and Jar Of Joy (2018). And now he has released That Way Lies Madness.

This is an EP featuring four songs that are influenced by bands like Opeth, Tool, Gojira and Leprous and this EP is probably Pilkevych's most experimental album so far. Opening track Madness is a short acoustic intro which is followed by the very experimental Honesty featuring emotional vocals by Katie Thompson of the band Chiasma. This song also is rather “mellow” and “soft” while the guitar solo is really something to look forward to! Follow up Celery is much heavier with rough guitar passages and even some growling vocals, which I really cannot appreciate, but the ending of the song is really surprising as it tends to become slightly jazzy, leaving the listener in almost total confusion.... Last but not least Trauma comes along which is again a heavy track with lots of heavy guitars and violin parts played by Arletta Juszcak. Trauma really is an emotional song with lots of experimental edges and musical twists and turns galore.

All in all, That Way Lies Madness is maybe a treat for prog metal fans who like their music to be very experimental and even weird, so try it out; listening tip: Celery !!!

*** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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