Also Eden - About Time

(CD 2006, 49:05, Private Release AE001)

The tracks:
  1- Between The Lines(8:47)
  2- For Bumble(13:21)
  3- Pandora(6:09)
  4- The Enemy Within(12:13)
  5- Children Of The Night(8:33)

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One of the best releases of 2006 is the debut album of the British progressive rock band Also Eden. For me, this album is a true masterpiece. With About Time, the band made an album that contains only highlights. All band members spent many hours at the Sleep Studios which resulted in a fantastic album with music reminding me of bands as Pendragon, Pallas, IQ and early Marillion, but also Genesis must have been a great influence for the band.

Lead singer Huw Lloyd-Jones has a warm voice that sometimes sounds like Peter Gabriel in his early days, but above all Pallas-vocalist Alan Reed came to my mind while listening to the five tracks on About Time. Just like this Scottish singer, Lloyd-Jones has a passionate and emotional voice. However, letís not forget guitarist Simon Rogers and keyboardist Ian Hodson. These musicians dare to play awesome solos we nowadays hardly hear. I have to mention the rhythm section as well. Without bass player Ralvin Thomas and drummer Mark Hall, the music wouldnít have had the drive it certainly needs. Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances Mark Hall had to quit. Hopefully, the remaining band members succeed in getting a good replacement for him.

Sometimes a review doesnít need so many words to tell how incredible good an album is. About Time belongs to this category and therefore only the highest rating suits this album that took the band almost thirteen years before we could enjoy it! Itís about time that all progheads buy this album on the double! Donít wait any longer with adding this masterpiece to your collection. Highly recommended! †

***** Henri Strik (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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