Also Eden -
It's Kind Of You To Ask

(2008, 59:29, Private Release AE002)

The tracks:
1- Star(11:05)
2- Artificial Light(05:49)
3- Skimming Stones(06:59)
4- Outside In(10:11)
5- Together Alone(03:48)
6- A Widow's Eyes(12:41)
7- Photographs(08:52)

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Also Eden - It's Kind Of You To Ask

In 2006 Also Eden released their acclaimed debut CD entitled About Time and when I looked at my review then, I wrote: I am delighted about their pleasant sound and the flowing and shifting moods and accelerations. The singer has a strong and quite distinctive voice with a melancholic undertone. As references I would like to mention IQ and Marillion, but with a more modern sound. If you are up to neo-prog, this is a band to discover! . Well, listening to their new album (2008) I quickly conclude that it is in the vein of their first one. To me the music sounds like a very tasteful 'neo-prog-stew' with Pendragon and Pallas as the most obvious ingredients, especially in the long first composition Star: a dreamy track with warm vocals but also powerful with propulsive guitar work and bombastic mellotron-choir eruptions. Also the final track Photographs is alternating and compelling, a kind of early Marillion meets Pallas. All seven songs sound melodic with a wonderful colouring by the guitar and keyboards. We hear pleasant vocals, interesting shifting moods and musical ideas like the sumptuous break featuring fiery guitar and powerful organ in the romantic Artificial Light and the strong build-up from mellow to compelling in the captivating Skimming Stones. The 'magnum opus' on this album is A Widow's Eyes (close to 13 minutes) in which we can enjoy Also Eden in its full splendour: from dreamy with twanging guitars to propulsive with mellotron waves and synthesizer flights. Check out this promising neo-progressive band!

***+ Erik Neuteboom (edited by Peter Willemsen).
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