Amarok - Hunt

(CD 2017, 61:56, Musicom. 5906395769247)

The tracks:
  1- Anonymous(6:41)
  2- Idyll(5:41)
  3- Distorted Soul(5:32)
  4- Two Sides(5:09)
  5- Winding Stairs(4:34)
  6- In Closeness(5:52)
  7- Unreal(4:40)
  8- Nuke(5:48)
  9- Hunt(17:52)

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A Polish project inspired by Mike Oldfield made by Michał Wojtas hits my CD player. As I read the thank you notes to the collaborators 2 names grabbed my attention: Riverside front man Mariusz Duda and Camel veteran Colin Bass. Both well-known prog musicians contributed to this album in 2 of the songs. It's nice to have such names on your list.

This album gives you a nice reflection of different influences within the prog scene all ingredients are present. Mr. Duda gives his excellent voice “acte de presence” on the 2nd track Idyll. And with this in mind you can hear that Michał is slightly influenced by his voice too. Cool Theremin use in a more accessible sounding Distorted Soul. Two Sides combines the use of a more traditional instrument. The duduk and e-bow use on guitars to create an atmospheric minimalistic instrumental track. Followed by two nice prog songs Winding Stairs and In Closeness. The instrumental Unreal lets us hear the David Gilmour influence on Michał's guitar work. As is the typical sound of Colin Bass' voice we certainly remember from various Camel products on Nuke. Of course my weakness for long tracks is fed by the nearly 18 minute long closing epos Hunt. A mysterious sounding track with Jarre/Vangelis like sequences and nice guitar licks. It even reminds me of the more obscure Gary Numan era. Yes, quite electronic and maybe a bit experimental. No bombastic prog turns or unexpected tempo changes, but a nice stream of sounds and vocals.

If you're into Riverside and Steven Wilson's music, you'll enjoy yourselves with this one.
It certainly makes me curious about the previous 3 albums of this talented multi-instrumentalist.

**** Erik van Os

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