Android -
Another Midnight Ball

(CD 2022, 65:13, GR1993 Records - GR-153-1/2)

The tracks:
  1- Dreaming In Daytime(4:14)
  2- REM Phase(3:57)
  3- Dream Of A Prime Crime(10:04)
  4- Before Dawn(2:27)
  5- I'll Be One Of The Gods(4:23)
  6- Legacy Of A Pharaoh(11:22)
  7- Matthew 26:47(3:46)
  8- Judas Iscariot(9:39)
  9- The Church Bell Ringer(1:41)
10- Another Midnight Ball(7:15)
11- Let's Play Together(6:25)

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Android is a five-piece formation (including two guitarists and a keyboard player) from Hungary, rooted in 1980 and re-founded in 2008. The album Midnight Ball was the band's second official CD, released in 2011 (after East Of Eden from 2009). For the 10th anniversary the band has decided to re-record this effort, re-arranged in English. This version contains five original songs and two new ones that do not have a Hungarian version, with a female guest singer on two tracks. I am a huge fan of Omega and Solaris, and I like East, After Crying and Yesterdays so I was very curious to the sound of this Hungarian prog formation.

The eleven compositions alternate between melodic rock, Neo-Prog and Heavy Prog, with a very accessible and harmonic sound. The English vocals contain a strong accent but to me it sounds OK, and most parts of the music are instrumental. The focus in on excellent work on guitars and synthesizers, featuring strong interplay and lots of soli, fuelled by a tight rhythm-section. Especially in the longer tracks I am excited about the smoking guitars, and the spectacular Minimoog-like synthesizer sound, from spacey to fat, wow!

My absolute highlight on this album is the epic composition Legacy Of A Pharaoh (11:22). It starts with soaring keyboards, then rock guitar and powerful drums blend, culminating in a tight beat with heavy guitars and varied keyboard work, including a spectacular synthesizer solo with pitchbend. Halfway howling guitar runs, a sensational part with heavy guitar riffs, then cascades of shifting moods and spectacular breaks, embellished with exciting play on guitars and keyboards. Especially in this composition you hear that Android is an experienced and tight unit that has played together for many years.

***+ Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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