B-Rain -
Echoes From The Undertow

(CD 2018, 51.46, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Far From The Madding Crowd(02:56)
  2- Lakeshore(06:00)
  3- Overwhelming(04:58)
  4- Echoes From The Undertow(06:10)
  5- The Cold Time Of Solitude(05:36)
  6- Descending Mist(20:28)
  7- Homeward Bound(05:38)

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This is the first solo album by Davide Guidoni, the drummer and percussionist of DAAL, along his work in other Italian bands Gallant Farm, The Far Side, Nuova Era, Aries and Pensiero Nomade. About the name of his project Davide explains: “the B-Rain project is a play on words, it means somehow 'rain-brain', like a mental rain, which is generally my mood”. He has invited a wide range of musicians: Roberto Vitelli (Ellesmere), Steve Unruh (The Samurai Of Prog), Luca Pietropaoli (Fonderia), Vincenzo Zitello, Salvatore Lazzara ( Pensiero Nomade) and Alfio Costa (Daal, Prowlers).

These musicians did a wonderful job by colouring Davide's very atmospheric sonic landscapes (with all kind of noises and samples by Davide), often very tasteful and subtle. Especially with the Ehru (Chinese 2-string violin) and the bamboo flute, this gives the music a pleasant ethnic flavour. And like Steve Roach, here Davide also blends electric instruments and organic instruments.

The music on this album often reminds me of Steve Roach his pioneering atmospheric ambient electronic music, very experimental and very, very laidback. At some moments it's more dynamic, like the JL Ponty inspired electric violin in Lakeshore, the powerful trumpet sound in the percussive title track and the interplay between the electric violin and sensitive electric guitar in The Cold Time Of Solitude.

But in general it's music for lovers of atmospheric music, and very hypnotizing, like in the epic Descending Mist featuring lots of sample sounds, ominous keyboards and fine work on flute, violin, electric guitar and synthesizer, even some bass pedal work.

Just take a look at the inspirational titles, close your eyes, feed your imagination and let yourself be carried away by this 'atmospheric experimental progressive electronic music' by B-Rain, very daring and special music.

***+ ErikNeuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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