Babal -
Who Will I Be When I Leave

(CD 2022, 62:21, Melodic Revolution Records MRRCD22211)

The tracks:
  1- 3 Minutes(7:12)
  2- Sitting Pretty(6:54)
  3- Corkscrew Rider(8:22)
  4- Dead End Friends(4:35)
  5- The Wolf Slips Up Quickly(6:17)
  6- Made Without Instructions(5:00)
  7- Baby Wants Freedom(7:59)
  8- Doors(12:10)
  9- Who Will I Be When I Leave?(3:52)

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Babal is referred to as “Cinematic Psych-/Art Rock and suggests influences from the Talking Heads, Zappa to Beefheart and Hendrix to Primus, Bent Knee and Patti Smith.” At least that's how the promo sheet describes them, but I am a fan of all of these artists and this ain't them...Who Will I Be When I Leave is difficult to listen to - I really tried to find things that I liked about this album but they are very few and far between. The album has received fantastic reviews elsewhere, but I just couldn't find much that I would think of as enjoyable.

The free verse poetry lyrics of are atonally “sung” by Karen Langley over music which, for much of the album just seems to drone on. They seem to be trying too hard to be “deep” and “artsy”, but, to quote a friend, “the lyrics leave me wanting... something else to listen to.” The one bright spot is the guitar work of Rob Williams which is creative and impressive. If I had to pick a “best” track it would be 3 Minutes.

Everyone is capable of creating art. Its a personal expression of emotion. By the same token, everyone views art differently, its a personal interpretation of the form. Just because a particular work of art is not to my taste doesn't make it bad art, so feel free to judge for yourself

No Rating David Carswell

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