Blacklight - River Of Time

(CD 2022, 57:52, Prog Metal Rock Promotion PMR009)

The tracks:
  1- I Call Your Name(5:46)
  2- You Are Not Alone(5:35)
  3- Compass Of Soul(4:59)
  4- Into My World(6:11)
  5- Following The Sadness(3:53)
  6- Circle Of Life(6:33)
  7- Beyond My Thinking(4:33)
  8- Inside Me(5:04)
  9- When Dreams Come True(5:11)
10- Sinner(6:13)
11- I'm Dying(3:54)

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River Of Time is the follow up to Blacklight's debut Follow The Future (2019) and I must say that it is not really an improvement....

Blacklight, from Poland, makes prog guitar rock, without synthesizers, and their sound is filled with melancholy, calm tones, and long instrumental parts. However, there is sadly not enough variation in tones and riffs and so after a couple of tracks I was quite bored indeed. Furthermore, the vocals of both Marcin Kocielski and Maciej Majewski are really monotonous, and their English is rather mediocre and hardly understandable!

River Of Time is not really a record I would recommend as all the songs are too predictable, mediocre and most of all without musical diversity.

** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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