Buttered Bacon Biscuits -
From The Solitary Woods

(CD 2009, 51:58, Black Widow)

The tracks:
  1- Cross-Eyed Jesus
  2- Losiní My Pride
  3- Another Secret In The Sun
  4- Essaouira
  5- I Hope Youíre Feeling Bad
  6- Into The Wild
  7- No Manís Land
  8- State Of Mind

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Let me make one thing clear from the start: the Buttered Bacon Biscuits donít belong in Background Magazine, because From The Solitary Woods has nothing to do with prog rock or related musical styles. So, if you are only interested in prog or symphonic music you can skip this piece and read another review of one of my esteemed colleagues. If you are, however, also a fan of rock music from the southern part of the USA Ė just like me Ė please read on. From The Solitary Woods sounds like the Black Label Society with a decent singer, an Allmann Brothers Band with some Mexican peppers in the place where the sun never shines, Led Zeppelin if they had stayed together and Govít Mule sounding like, well... Govít Mule. This is up-tempo, heavy rock with plenty of fine riffs and guitar solos, heavy bassing while jamming. Nice, nice, nice! Come on, be a sport and try something new on your musical menu. Then I will let you in on a secret: the Buttered Bacon Biscuits are not from Georgia at all, but from Italy! Ah, never mind, just listen to the intoxicating long jams and when you get hungry have some biscuits with butter and bacon.

***- Andrť de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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