Casualties Of Cool -
Casualties Of Cool

(2CD 2016, 2:29:03, Inside Out Music)

The tracks:
  1- Daddy(5:11)
  2- Mountaintop(5:34)
  3- Flight(5:33)
  4- The Code(4:41)
  5- Moon(6:28)
  6- Pier (instrumental)(3:39)
  7- Ether(4:50)
  8- Hejda(3:41)
  9- Forgive Me(6:09)
10- Broken(1:59)
11- Bones(3:39)
12- Deathscope(6:14)
13- The Field(4:08)
14- The Bridge(8:14)
15- Pure (instrumental)(4:08)
  1- Ghosts Wives(5:03)
  2- Drained(4:27)
  3- Dig For Gold(4:40)
  4- Dead Eyes(5:52)
  5- Drench(6:23)
  6- Mond (instrumental)(3:53)
  7- Where You've Been(4:51)
  8- Gone Is Gone(4:12)
  9- Fight(6:48)
10- Glass World(2:25)
11- Aquarius(5:12)
12- Perspective(7:11)
13- Moonshine(3:48)

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Casualties Of Cool is a musical project by Devin Townsend (guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards, producing) and Che Aimee Dorval (lead vocals, acoustic guitar); a project that took more than 4 years to make and it is NOT a Townsend album you might expect, being crazy heavy, trash metal like music. Also guesting on the album are Morgan Ågren (drums), Randy Slaugh (string arrangement, engineering), Jørgen Munkeby (saxophone on track 5) and the Sångkraft Chamber Choir (vocals).

No, this album is completely different from the “normal” heavy Devin Townsend stuff, as it features rootsy country, North American folk music and even blues, mixed with dark ambient soundscapes. It is a concept album and most of the songs are rather quiet, relaxed and ambient-like and can best be enjoyed as background music while reading a good book. I really could not believe or imagine that Townsend was capable of making this kind of music. However I would advise hard core Townsend fans to stay away from this album, as it is way too experimental and weird to enjoy; take for instance tracks like Deathscope or The Bridge, which features a fifty piece strong Swedish choir. But if you like folk, country, blues or even blue grass mixed with ambient passages and soundscapes, then you might enjoy this album.

I really had problems listening to the entire two CDs in one take, as they last far too long for me and I really do not like folk or country music at all. A very courageous and probably even ambitious album by workaholic Townsend, but definitely not my cup of tea, sorry...

** Martien Koolen (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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