Chris Haskett -
Insufficient Necessities

(CD 2019, 19:45, DenCity Records DC009)

The tracks:
  1- Dodge 'Em(4:40)
  2- Ivy City(4:41)
  3- Hoof-DEEE!(4:52)
  4- Going Back(5:29)

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For the name Chris Haskett we have to go back to the eighties and nineties to find out where he earned his fame. As guitarist for the Rollins Band his guitar tone was highly appreciated among fellow guitarists. In 1999, Chris was hired next to Reeves Gabrels, to become part of the guitar department for Davis Bowie's upcoming tour. Too bad the tour got side-lined, but Chris got to play on Bowie's Hours album. During his respectable solo career, Chris Haskett already recorded eight albums. His 2019 release Insufficient Necessities is a four track instrumental EP, mainly recorded with his European band.

The album kicks off strongly with a fine track; Dodge 'Em. A track that sees both powerful grooving riffs as well as nice soloing in the style of Gabrels and Marc Ribot. Ivy City has a kind of heavy blues feel, elements of Stevie Ray Vaughan on acid are combined with Scott Henderson and even Frank Zappa's grotesque sounds pass by. Hoof-DEEE! is more experimental, a different guitar sound and more focussed on percussion. The result is an absolutely interesting grooving soundscape. The groove of the final track Going Back could hail from the seventies. This awesome funky track, with beautiful soloing is my favourite of this album.

Too bad this EP only holds four tracks; Insufficient Necessities is funky and grooving, but also sees wonderful creative guitar playing. A very good album to get to know this already very experienced musician.

**** Pedro Bekkers (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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