Claudio Delgift -
The Essential

(CD 2018, 69:13, Rock Company VRCCD332018)

The tracks:
  1- Tricapsule(3:38)
  2- Vortex(5:18)
  3- Another Stage(5:25)
  4- Clovers In The Field(3:00)
  5- To Think, To Say, To Do(4:51)
  6- Ease And Comfort In The Silence Of Hearts Entwined(6:21)
  7- The World As A Whole(8:52)
  8- Stereotypes(4:52)
  9- Ascent Of The Core - Descent Of The Stars(8:00)
10- Bonds(2:16)
11- Mother Earth Network(7:39)
12- A Promise Of Light And Wonder(8:56)

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Usually when you buy or see an album with the tittle The Essential, you know you are dealing with a kind of compilation album of an artist that already has released a number of albums. A little bit of searching tells me none of Claudio Delgift's albums are ever released on CD. On Discogs his previous albums are mentioned as digital downloads. This makes The Essential his debut album that sees a compilation of tracks that were presented on each of those previous digital releases. Claudio Delgift, or Claudio Rodriguez, or simply C is a vocalist, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist songwriter from Argentina, who's basically is a one man band, who invites guests to play on his albums.

The Essential sees remastered versions of earlier recorded compositions, so I don't really know where the guests appear. C knows how to write interesting composition, hailing somewhere in between progressive - and classic rock. The instrumental Clovers In The Field a solid composition, reminding me a bit of Wishbone Ash. Stereotypes, also is a decent track. Is it a co-incident they both initially appear on the same album? One of the weaker points of artists that figure as a one man band is the programming of the drums. Those programmed parts don't always do justice to the fine compositions. Although the opener Tricapsule starts very promising, a second issue occurs; sometimes great musicians think they have the ability to also perform as their own lead vocalist. Too bad this is one of the issues I have to work my way through for almost seventy minutes. C is not a singer, he is a musician, and a pretty great one too. But I wished he had handed over the vocal duties to someone who can actually sing. Although the compositions are really OK, the vocals make the album a struggle.

Not much to add. Please find someone to take over the vocal parts and we have a real great album, both progressive - as classic rock elements are wonderfully mixed and well played. But still, The Essential is not that essential, I rest my case.

*** Pedro Bekkers (edited by Dave Smith)

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