Coarbegh - Watercolours

(CD 2021, 47:44, QuiXote Music QXT CD 81)

The tracks:
  1- Watercolours
  2- Hometown Lockdown
  3- The Long Sleep By The Sea
  4- Starriver
  5- Voices
  6- Area 1
  7- Through Hopeful Eyes
  8- Absence Pt 3

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German two piece formation Coarbegh was once founded as a side-project of Poor Genetic Material featuring Pia Darmstaedter (flute and voice) and Philipp Jaehne (keyboards and electronics).

The 8 tracks on this new album Watercolours deliver ambient electronic music landscapes, embellished with pleasant work on the flute, often soaring. Watercolours is the most dynamic composition featuring a blend of sequencing, folky flute and soaring synthesizers, halfway a break with fat synthesizers and freaky sounds, the final part contains tender electric piano arpeggios. Hometown Lockdown features a spacey atmosphere with percussive sounds. The Long Slee By The Sea has a pretty dark undertone with spacey sounds and mellow flute. And Through Hopeful Eyes contains tender piano soaring strings and tender flute play.

If you are up to this kind of electronic music Watercolours is a fine album to discover.

*** Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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