Comedy Of Errors - Spirit

(CD 2015, 55:42,COE003)

The tracks:
Part 1. "SPIRIT"
  1- My Grief Lies All Within(5:24)
  2- Infinite Wisdom?(1:51)
  3- Spirit Shines / Spirit(4:26)
  4- Can This Be Happening?(3:54)
  5- In Darkness Let Me Dwell(3:06)
  6- I Call And Cry To Thee(5:42)
  7- Set Your Spirit Free / Goodbye My Love Until We
      Meet Again
  8- Ascension / Et Resurrexit / Auferstehen / Arise In
      Love Sublime, Arise / Spirit
  9- Into The Light(5:04)
10- Above The Hills(5:20)
Part 2. "EPILOGUE"
11- This Is How It Has To Be(5:59)
12- Spirit (Single) (bonus track)(4:42)

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Comedy Of Errors are a neo progressive rock band from Scotland who although being together for over 20 years only made their first album four years ago. Spirit is now their third album after releasing Disobey (2011, see review) and Fanfare & Fantasy (2013, see review). And to say it is ambitious would be an understatement.

The main part of the album is divided into ten tracks but they all merge into one complete piece of music intended to play as one in a complete listening session. The album is written by Jim Johnston, COE keyboard player who states his influences as Shakespeare, Bach, Tallis and Mahler. Indeed there is an element of choral and classical music but done with a driving rhythm and some superb guitar work from Sam McCullogh and Mark Spalding. Some of the music would not appear out of place played in a church.

The Lyrical aspect of the album deals with Spirituality (hence the title) but gets quite angry at times. The opening line to the album states that “ You are God and you let me down“. The vocals of Joe Cairney occasionally sound processed but in no way does that distract from an excellent performance.

This album really does have everything for the discerning prog listener from soft keyboards to riffing guitars, plenty of Mellotron and great tunes. This is by far the best COE album to date and as I said earlier, should be enjoyed as a complete listen instead of dipping in and out. This is sure to be one I will keep coming back to.

****+ Dave Smith

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