Conqueror -
Un'Altra Verita (Live Naxos 16-05-2014)

(CD/ DVD 2015, 70:58/ 100 min /Ma.Ra.Cash Records MRC 049 CD+DVD)

The tracks:
  1- Gina(11:13)
  2- Di Notte(7:25)
  3- False Idee(7:31)
  4- Un' Altra RealtÓ(6:29)
  5- SigurtÓ(9:37)
  6- Pensieri Fragili(7:48)
  7- No PHoto(6:44)
  8- La Strada Del Graal(6:07)
  9- Cormorani(1:07)
10- L'Ora Del Parlare(6:58)
  1- Gina(11:13)
  2- Di Notte(7:25)
  3- False Idee(7:31)
  4- Un' Altra RealtÓ(6:29)
  5- Sigurta(9:37)
  6- Echi Di VeritÓ(6:52)
  7- Pensieri Fragili(7:48)
  8- No Photo(6:44)
  9- La Strada Del Graal(6:07)
10- Cormorani(1:07)
11- L'Ora Del Parlare(6:58)
Bonus feature:
12- Mini interview,, Inside Conqueror.

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After listening to some Italian CDs that didn't really appeal to me, I couldn't listen without prejudice. In short, Conqueror shattered it. Although I don't understand the Italian language, this live performance caught me and pulled me in. I'm especially impressed by the skills of the singer and keyboardist Simona Rigano, sometimes not the cleanest voice but still absolutely breath-taking! Knowing from my own experience as a musician the difficulty of singing and playing the keys. Especially using a harmoniser without irritating. She does it in an old fashion way. Stacks of keyboards, just like Rick Wakeman. Impressive. Don't forget the skills of the other musicians Ture Pagano (guitar), Peppe Papa (bass) and Natale Russo (drums), they manage to keep your attention all the time. And not through a fantastic lightshow or making an act of it. Just by playing.

They already released six CDs and played on several tribute albums, which characterises the style of prog they play. Comparisons to neo-prog bands are in place, but the seventies are there too, yes, even krautrock. But over all they can be described as quite original.

Call me ignorant, because I had never heard of the band Conqueror, but I'm a fan. This despite of the language (sorry Italians), prog as prog should be!

****+ Erik van Os (edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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