Cynthesis - DeEvolution

(CD 2011, 45:39,Sensory Records SR3057)

The tracks:
  1- The Man Without Skin
  2- Incision
  3- Divided Day
  4- Shallow World
  5- Profits Of Disaster
  6- The Edifice Grin
  7- Twilight
  8- A Song Of Unrest

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For the fans of progressive metal band Zero Hour, there is some great news. Founding members and twin brothers Jasun (guitar) and Troy (bass) Tipton re-united with the band's first and (in my opinion) best suited vocalist Erik Rosvold. The result is a new progressive metal band called Cynthesis. The final piece of the puzzle was to find an amazing drummer. Jasun asked Troy what drummer he would like to work with. Without any hesitation Troy said, "Sean Flanegan is the guy". Sean is best known for his work with the progressive rock band, Enchant and also played on Jasun's solo album Night Pulse.

The album DeEvolution tells the story of an elite group of leaders from a heavily industrialized city who find, brainwash and then exploit an indigenous tribe's shaman, believing he would be the perfect supreme leader. By propping him up as possessing all the answers to society's ills, the elites use him in order to gain and keep more control over the masses. They plan to influence the masses on several fronts: religion, media, consumerism, and government.

And how does all this sound?

The album takes you back to the first albums of Zero Hour, fierce compositions and vocals that leave a strong impression. The bass playing on this album is very strong. Sometimes the bass takes the lead, like in the opening track The Man Without Skin. Where the guitar remains nice and easy, the bass takes the main attention. This tendency goes for the majority of the album where there is more focus on the compositions and the fabulous vocal abilities of Erik. The instrument that takes the most attention is the bass. Listen to the Primus sounding bass in Incision and you hear what I mean.

Does this mean that Jasun lost his great chops and technics?

Certainly NOT. His guitar work stays as impressive or even better as his playing on the Zero Hour albums as well as on his solo album. Divided Day opens with some furious guitar, just the way we like to hear Jasun play. Profits Of Disaster is also a showcase for the way you can combine a gentle guitar and some heavy riffing. Keeping it all together is the amazing drum work of Sean, which balances the virtuosity of the duelling brothers into a perfect musical highlight.

Musically, Cynthesis really claim their place in the land of progressive metal, but in my humble opinion, the majestic voice of Erik really makes the difference between a good progressive metal band and a great progressive metal band. And believe me, Cynthesis  is a great progressive metal band.

What more can I add about this album? After producing some great Zero Hour albums together, the chemistry is back, and combined with this new adventurous and steady drummer, Cynthesis will reach a new high point in the band member's careers.

**** Pedro Bekkers (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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