Davide Laugelli -
Soundtrack Of A Nightmare

(EPCD 2017, 20:44, Independent Release)

The tracks:
  1- Johannes Brahms Op.49 n.4 (Insane Version)
  2- La Nave Di Pietra
  3- A Night At Stonehenge
  4- Hell With You
  5- Climbing The Wrong Mountain


Information on the internet shows me Davide Laugelli is an Italian bass player, who started in a glam rock band, but swiftly turned towards the darker side of music; black metal and technical death metal bands became Davide's passion and he participated in several bands in the genre.

Now Davide releases his first solo album, called Soundtrack Of A Nightmare. Regarding the man's bio, I would have expected some nasty and dark badass bass playing on his EP. Too bad the Nightmare isn't scary at all, no dark tormented sounds will be found here.
Basically a bit of a downer this solo effort; the opener Johannes Brahms Op.49 n.4 has the addition Insane Version to it, which made me anxiously await the insanity, but I was treated with a lame music box edition of a popular classical composition. During A Night At Stonehenge some elements of Porcupine Tree pass by, but never reach the quality of this name. I kind of lift up when Hell With You starts; the distorted bass sounds promising, but the whole song drowns in slow played single notes that take you to boredom city. It just the final track Climbing The Wrong Mountain that lifts the EP up a bit, some Cure elements can be noticed, but are not enough to really save the album.

Soundtrack Of A Nightmare it is, but basically it's the nightmare of a reviewer, who gets to review this album. Too bad the compositions are not really interesting, nor are Davide's skills on the four stringed instrument. Even Michele Panepinto and Fausto De Bellis, drums and keys respectively can't lift the album up to an mediocre level.

**+ Pedro Bekkers (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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