Djam Karet - The Trip

(CD 2013, 47:08, HC Productions)

The tracks:
  1- The Trip(47:08)


Djam Karet are an American instrumental rock group and The Trip is the band's first studio album with new material since Recollection Harvest (2005). This new album contains only one long track being a long psychedelic voyage through the mind's eye. Djam Karet consist of long-time members Mike Henderson (guitars, effects) and Chuck Oken jr. (drums percussion, synthesizers) besides Gayle Ellett (keyboards, bazouki, flute), Aaron Kenyon (bass, effects) and Mike Murray (electric and acoustic guitars).

The Trip is a very experimental album and extremely ambitious as the music shifts from textural and electronic soundscapes into rock passages with howling guitars and MiniMoog solos. One can also enjoy - not me actually - bouzouki, flute and lots of acoustic guitar parts. Sometimes it sounds like a blend of King Crimson, krautrock and early Pink Floyd, but most of the 47 minutes are too mediocre and too weird to really enjoy. The Trip is Djam Karet's sixteenth album and to fully enjoy it I suggest to use headphones while listening, and smoke a nice fat doobie otherwise you won't get into this album!

**+ Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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