Dolcetti - Arriver

(CD 2016, 25:38, Independent Release)

The tracks:
  1- Cellulare In Bagno(3:34)
  2- Un Dito Due Estati(3:34)
  3- Idea Effe(3:34)
  4- Esorcismo & Tagliatelle(3:34)
  5- Figablast(00:34)
  6- Tutto Finito Troia(3:34)
  7- Lingua Verde Di Prosecco(3:34)
  8- Corri, Corri Bambina(3:34)

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Dolcetti is an Italian duo, consisting of guitarist, sound wizard Gianni Rojatti and drummer Erik Tulissio. The EP Arriver is the second album of Dolcetti, and displays a sound which is entirely entrusted to electronic elements. The bass is performed on a Moog and the band experiments with a blend of progressive rock with reggae, electro dance, synth pop, blues and guitar laden instrumental virtuosity.

Listening to Arriver I totally understand why Dolcetti was asked to warm up for the likes of Steve Vai, The Aristocrats, Paul Gilbert and other virtuoso musicians. Gianni Rojatti's playing has a lot of similarities with Steve Vai's performances and parts of the music refer to Zappa; Figablast, as an addition to the aforementioned styles. A very big plus is that Dolcetti functions as a band, where it easily could have been seen as a Rojatti solo project. The role of drummer Tulissio is a very important one to me, besides being co-writer for the songs, his acoustic as well as electronic drums add the aforementioned organic feel to the album. Wonderfully contrasting to the heavy use of electronics, samples and semi vocal parts.
I do appreciate the electronic fusion and the additional sampled stuff; Un Dito Due Estati is appealing to me as a strong composition, for both guitar skills as well as for the unexpected choice of composition. Sometimes, weirdness and beauty go hand in hand and work really well. When you listen very carefully, you can find subtle samples of Sting, Morrisey and Rage Against The Machine. Those little elements do add something special to this (too) short album. Arriver has a nice positive vibe, reminding me a bit of certain Japanese fusion bands like Trix and T-Square, bands that present music with a solid smile on their face.

Arriver is a very nice addition to my instrumental collection, focused on the guitar. I would like to recommend the album to the Vai and Zappa fans, and also to other music aficionados, who like to be challenged. As a remark,I do have to mention that our friend Gianni Rojatti sometimes forgets he is an incredible guitar player and perhaps tries too hard to sound as Steve Vai in his early days. I guess he will find a way to create his very own style, but the Vai influences will be always be present and mentioned

**** Pedro Bekkers (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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