Dream Theater -
Distant Memories - Live In London

(3CD 2020, 54:16/ 38:39/ 56:50, Inside Out Music)

The tracks:
CD 1
  1- Untethered Angel(5:57)
  2- A Nightmare To Remember(16:37)
  3- Fall Into The Light(7:26)
  4- Barstool Warrior(6:41)
  5- In The Presence Of Enemies - Part 1(8:43)
  6- Pale Blue Dot(8:52)
CD 2
  1- Scenes Live Intro(1:46)
  2- Scene One: Regression(2:06)
  3- Scene Two: i. Overture 1928(3:38)
  4- Scene Two: ii. Strange Déjà Vu(5:03)
  5- Scene Three: i. Through My Words(1:02)
  6- Scene Three: ii. Fatal Tragedy(6:54)
  7- Scene Four: Beyond This Life(11:25)
  8- Scene Five: Through Her Eyes(6:45)
CD 3
  1- Scene Six: Home(13:03)
  2- Scene Seven: i. The Dance Of Eternity(6:09)
  3- Scene Seven: ii. One Last Time(3:48)
  4- Scene Eight: The Spirit Carries On(6:40)
  5- Scene Nine: Finally Free(12:54)
  6- At Wit's End(9:42)
  7- Paralyzed (bonus track)(4:34)

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Beginning of 2019 Dream Theater released the album Distance Over Time (see review) and the following tour can now be heard and watched on the live album Distant Memories, Live in London. It is the 9th live album of DT and it features six songs from their last album, two “oldies” and all the tracks from the album Metropolis Part 2 Scenes From A Memory, as that album celebrated its 20th anniversary in the year 2019.

Let us start with the 'oldies”, being A Night To Remember (Black Clouds And Silver Linings, 2009) and In The Presence Of Enemies from the album Systematic Chaos, released in 2007. Both tracks are really awesome and sound brilliant on this live album as they are filled with the well-known DT musical twists and turns and the almost incredible fast and diverse keys and guitar solos. From DT's last album Fall Into The Light is definitely the outstanding track, while Pale Blue Dot and At Wit's End also sound really great. Most of the time however on this album is filled with one of DT's best album ever, being Scenes From A Memory (1999). This live rendition of that album kicks off with an extra track here, Scenes Live intro, which features a piano melody followed by a nice orchestral part, before we move into Regression with the ticking clock. No need to tell you that this is an awesome album with brilliant parts e.g. Strange Déjà Vu, Beyond This Life, Home, The Dance Of Eternity, The Spirit Carries On and Finally Free as the absolute highlights; although with Mike Portnoy on the drumkit this would even have sounded better...... The voice of James LaBrie is doing fine here, but sometimes I still have the feeling that he is forcing his vocal cords way too much and I have the impression that his pronunciation is more British English (because the gig is in London perhaps...) than normally...

The band is on fire and this is surely a MUST have live album for Dream Theater fans as the sound quality is utterly brilliant and amazing; so, buy or die!! Best track: A Nightmare To Remember: truly awesome live version!!

Available as Ltd. Deluxe 3CD+2Blu-ray+2DVD Artbook, Special Edition 3CD+2Blu-ray Digipak in Slipcase, 3CD+2DVD Multibox, Ltd. black 4LP+3CD Box Set, Ltd. silver 4LP+3CD Box Set, Ltd. red 4LP+3CD Box Set, Ltd. blue 4LP+3CD Box Set.

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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