Drifting Sun -
Forsaken Innocence

(CD 2021, 68:41, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- King Of The Country(11:36)
  2- Insidious(8:08)
  3- Dementium(9:10)
  4- New Dawn(6:48)
  5- Forsaken Innocence (Part 1)(10:51)
  6- Forsaken Innocence (Part 2)(14:52)
  7- Time To Go(2:28)
  8- Hand On Heart (bonus track)(4:48)

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Keyboardist Pat Sanders is the founder of Drifting Sun. With different musicians he's made quite a few albums. For his new album, Forsaken Innocence, he collected the crème de la crème of the actual Progscene. What a line up he brought together: Mathieu Spaeter (Franck Carducci, Hayley Griffiths Band, Ksiz) excels on guitars, the fabulous John Jowitt (Arena, arK, Caamora, Frost*, IQ, Jadis, Rain) lays down the most beautiful bass lines and the one and only Jimmy Pallagrosi (Karnataka, Hayley Griffiths Band, Franck Carducci, ZIO, Ksiz), one of the best prog drummers on this planet. They are the core of this album. Eric Bouillette (The Room, Nine Skies) on violin (1&5) and guitar (8), Ben Bell (Patchwork Cacophony, Broken Parachute, Gandalf's Fist) - Hammond on track 3 and Gareth Cole - guitar on track 4 are the other fantastic instrumentalists.

Pat Sanders whose keyboards and especially his beautiful piano playing dominate Forsaken Innocence. He used three singers on the last album, but for Forsaken Innocence he invited only one singer, the incomparable Jargon (Verbal Delirium) one of the best voices in nowadays prog.
So what can go wrong? Absolutely nothing. This is a giant of an album. Beautiful compositions, masterly played and with all the Greek emotion of Jargons amazing voice making this one of the highlights of the year for me. No need to describe every song, from the 2 minute Time To Go till the in total 25 minute title song part 1 and 2, there is no weak moment. Give it a listen on the Drifting Sun website or Bandcamp and be amazed.

This is a big one Pat!

***** Arne van Os van den Abeelen (edited by Tracy van os van den Abeelen)

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