Drifting Sun -
Trip The Life Fantastic

(CD 2015, 53.03, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Trip The Life Fantastic(6:22)
  2- Peach Blossoms(2:00)
  3- The Wizard(6:34)
  4- Sunsets(2:42)
  5- Lady Night(7:53)
  6- Ode To Nevermind(2:15)
  7- Five Ever(8:33)
  8- XXX Forever(2:32)
  9- Tormented(4:37)
10- Last Supper(9:35)

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Drifting Sun have been through many incarnations. Their first eponymous album appeared in 1996. Their second, On The Rebound was released two years later with a completely different band. The only constant was founder member Pat Sanders. Drifting Sun then disappeared from the music scene until Pat reconvened the band again with a totally new line up. This new album has taken a year and a half to record in studios in the UK and Canada.

On first listen the one thing that stands out is the keyboard playing, especially the piano. It then comes as no surprise to find out that Pat is responsible for these and that he composed all the music. Most of the compositions are new but due to the time lapse between albums there are some older tunes as well. The album consists of several long tunes with vocals, interspersed with short instrumental passages featuring piano and acoustic guitar. The main songs have a more rock feel to them rather than prog and bring to mind Uriah Heep or Deep Purple. They have a very 70's feel to them, not only in the sound of the music but also the lyrics as well. Here we have songs about wizards and ladies of the night. The vocals are provided by Peter Falconer, who also supplied the lyrics. His voice suits this type of music and gives plenty of emotion especially on the song Lady Night. The rest of the band supply a tight back line with bass and guitar from Dan Storey and drums from Will Jones. Andrew Howard takes on the guitar duties. The sound is strong and clear and has been well recorded so that each instrument claims its own space.

Drifting Sun is obviously a labour of love for Pat Saunders and he can be proud of this album. Another album is already in the pipeline for 2016 so the continuity of the band will only help to produce a new album of equal quality.

**** Dave Smith

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