Dusan Jevtovic -
Live At Home

(CD 2017, 52:14, SKC Kragujevac Moonjune Records CD009/2017)

The tracks:
  1- No Answer(8:06)
  2- Angel / Al Aire - Soko Bira(8:52)
  3- Ohrid(9:26)
  4- New Pop(9:00)
  5- Babe(4:31)
  6- Briga(10:00)
  7- Gracias Y Perdon - Outro(2:16)

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Although Dusan Jevtovic has released a number of albums on the Moonjune label, I never really had the chance to listen to the Serbian guitar player. Time to make a change, with the release of a real live album; Live At Home. Recorded in Dusan's home town, Kragujevac in Serbia. This special edition release was recorded in December 2016, but through the support of the city's Students Cultural Center the album was internationally released in early 2018.

The guitarist extraordinaire was accompanied by keyboard player Vasil Hadzimanov, bass player Pera Krstajic and drummer Pedja Milutinovic. Live At Home sees a kind of spontaneous jam style compositions, from which a number also were featured on Dusan's previous record; No Answer. A strong point of the album's music is that the compositions are freely interpreted from the originals and therefore the whole live setting could be interpreted as a giant, well organized jam. The rhythm section delivers a very solid, but adventurous base where both Dusan's guitar as well as Vasil's keyboards seem to get all the freedom to challenge each other and lift the music to higher musical spheres. Dusan's playing can be seen as eruptive, never predictable and very energetic, with a sound sometimes drenched in massive effects, other times nice and clean. On Angel / Al Aire - Soko Bira like on Babe, vocal parts are embedded, which gives this extreme fusion album a slightly different touch. But what stands out are the guitar and keyboard conversations. Both musicians have the ability to create a kind of conversation though their instruments, which makes this album accessible, although the majority of listeners definitely need a second, third or tenth listen to appreciate the complicated music on this live recording. The two tracks, Ohrid and Briga written by keyboard player Vasil are perhaps the most accessible, but I guess the freaky Zappa influenced New Pop will be my favourite track on the album.

Live At Home is a solid Moonjune album, I guess if you regularity listen and buy albums from this label, you can pursue this album without any hesitation. Note: this is heavy complicated fusion and no music for the faint hearted. Enjoy.

***+ Pedro Bekkers (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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