Emerson, Lake & Palmer -
Tarkus Deluxe Edition

(2CD 2016, 38:42/ 50:47, BMG)

The tracks:
CD1 Tarkus, the original 1971 album (2012 remaster)
  1- Tarkus(20:38)
  2- Jeremy Bender(1:46)
  3- Bitches Crystal(3:58)
  4- The Only Way (Hymn)(3:46)
  5- Infinite Space (Conclusion)(3:21)
  6- A Time And A Place(2:59)
  7- Are You Ready, Eddy?(2:10)
CD2 The alternate album (2012 Steven Wilson studio mixes)
  1- Tarkus(20:45)
  2- Jeremy Bender(1:56)
  3- Bitches Crystal(3:59)
  4- The Only Way (Hymn)(3:47)
  5- Infinite Space (Conclusion)(3:22)
  6- A Time And A Place(3:02)
  7- Are You Ready, Eddy?(2:12)
  8- Oh, My Father(4:06)
  9- Unknown Ballad(3:04)
10- Mass (alternate take)(4:30)


The second album from Emerson, Lake & Palmer, titled Tarkus, was released in 1971 and saw the trio take a new direction with more complex keyboard sounds. The fantastic title track, an epic prog rock monster of more than 20 minutes, took up the whole of side one and it is a masterpiece of ELP music. On Tarkus, which lots of people still consider to be the best ELP album ever, the sound of the band is a blend of Yes, Genesis and even a little bit of Rush.... The technical performances on Tarkus are absolutely top notch, although the atmosphere of the album is rather dark and melancholic. I truly believe that Tarkus is ELP's magnum opus and a must have for hard core prog fans and classic rock or neo classic rock fans. Tarkus was a very successful album as it peaked at number 1 in the UK and also charted at number 9 in the USA. On the second CD you can enjoy bonus tracks like Oh, My Father, Unknown Ballad and an alternate take of Mass, the fourth part of Tarkus. This 2CD Deluxe Edition includes a nice booklet with 2016 band interviews!

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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