Emerson, Lake & Palmer -
The Anthology

(3CD 2016, 68:19/ 74:55/ , 77:40, BMG)

The tracks:
CD 1
  1- The Barbarian(4:31)
  2- Take A Pebble(12:32)
  3- Knife Edge(5:08)
  4- Lucky Man(4:37)
  5- Tank(6:48)
  6- Tarkus(20:38)
  7- Bitches Crystal(3:57)
  8- The Only Way (Hymn)(3:46)
  9- Infinite Space (Conclusion)(3:21)
10- A Time And A Place(2:59)
  1- The Sage (live)(4:44)
  2- The Great Gates Of Kiev (live)(6:07)
  3- Nutrocker (live)(4:09)
  4- The Endless Enigma Part 1(6:40)
  5- From The Beginning(4:14)
  6- The Sheriff(3:20)
  7- Hoedown(3:43)
  8- Abaddon's Bolero(8:08)
  9- Jerusalem(2:45)
10- Toccata(7:20)
11- Still....You Turn Me On(2:52)
12- Karn Evil 9 1st Impression Part 1(8:37)
13- Karn Evil 9 1st Impression Part 2(4:49)
14- Toccata (live)(7:27)
  1- Piano Concerto No.1 (1st Movement) (Allegro Giojoso)(9:24)
  2- Fanfare For The Common Man(9:43)
  3- Brain Salad Surgery(3:08)
  4- I Believe In Father Christmas(3:19)
  5- Honky Tonk Train Blues(3:10)
  6- Peter Gunn (live)(3:37)
  7- C'est La Vie (live)(4:15)
  8- Love Beach(2:45)
  9- Canario(4:00)
10- The Pirates (live)(13:34)
11- Affairs Of The Heart(3:49)
12- Romeo And Juliet(3:42)
13- Hand Of Truth(5:24)
14- Paper Blood (live)(4:14)
15- Tiger In A Spotlight (live)(3:34)


The Anthology, a three disc album, accompanies the first three Deluxe Emerson, Lake & Palmer albums, being Emerson, Lake & Palmer (1970), Tarkus (1971) and Pictures At An Exhibition (1971). The great career spanning album features 39 songs from the years 1970 up to 1998. The Anthology is presented in a special “case bound” book packaging with detailed, informative sleeve notes by Chris Welch. The 39 tracks are selected from the first three ELP albums, Trilogy (1972), Brain Salad Surgery (1973), The Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends (1974) triple live album, Works Volume 1(1977), Works Volume 2 (1977), Works Live (1993), Love Beach (1978), Live At Nassau Coliseum (2011), Black Moon (1992), In The Hot Seat (1994), Live At The Royal Albert Hall (1993) and last but not least the Then & Now (1998) album. The definite highlights of this album are: Peter Gunn, Brain Salad Surgery, Fanfare For The Common Man, Tarkus and Toccata. ELP's version of Copland's Hoedown is also unique, as well as Greg Lake's solo hit I Believe In Father Christmas (1975). Further remarkable tracks are Honky Tonk Train Blues and the trio's interpretation of Jerusalem a song by Blake and Parry. The Anthology is a must for die hard ELP fans!!

*** Martien Koolen (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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