Echoes - Nature/Existence

(CD (2010, 53:08, Progrock Records PRR315)

The tracks:
  1- Epilogue ( Where We Start)(02:48)
  2- Rude Awakening(06:32)
  3- Leaf Motif(06:12)
  4- Lullaby(04:21)
  5- Bonfires(03:21)
  6- Unfair(06:15)
  7- Seasons Came To Pass(01:45)
  8- Far From Coincidence(04:16)
  9- Despair(05:33)
10- Winds Of Dread(03:40)
11- Farewell(03:32)
12- Prologue (...Where We End)(04:48)

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This is the debut of the Latin American prog rock band Echoes, and what a debut it is!! The music is a blend of prog rock, metal, post rock, pop and industrial electronics. Normally Echoes is an instrumental band, but for this album they recruited a couple of amazing singers like e.g.: Tobias Jansson, Carl Webb and Pedro Castillo. The line up of this band from Venezuela is also remarkable as it features 3 guitar players, a drummer, a keyboardist and a 6-string bass player. The music is adventurous, dynamic, mature, diverse and filled with great guitar melodies and solos, especially the instrumental tracks like: Epilogue, Lullaby and Bonfires which are musical masterpieces. Echoes’s musical influences range from Dream Theater, and Pain Of Salvation to Genesis and Pink Floyd and these guys are so creative. On Despair and Winds Of Dread you can even enjoy some saxophone solos. If you love great nostalgic progressive rock music then you really SHOULD buy this album. For me this is already one of the musical highlights of 2010!!

****+ Martien Koolen (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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