Eddie Mulder - Waves

(2 CD, 2018, 50:22/ 28:52, OSKAR Records OSKAR 1083 2CD)

The tracks:
  1- Driven
  2- Tenderly
  3- Bouquet Of Flowers
  4- Waves
  5- In A Lifetime
  6- Joint Venture (new)
CD2 (Bonus): LIVE FROM TORUN 2017
  1- Tales From Torun
  2- Day In, Day Out
  3- Old Forrest . June 16th
  4- Meeting Tommy
  5- Mysteryland
  6- Wandering
  7- Ancient Times
  8- Humble Origin
  9- How We Used To Go
10- Hurry Up !
11- Journey To The West

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Waves is the fourth solo album from Eddie Mulder. The Dutch musician is known for his guitar playing in Leap Day. But also for the bass and guitar parts on the albums which he recorded with Trion. Eddie also used to be the lead guitarist for Flamborough Head. A band in which he nowadays plays the bass guitar. If you have never heard anything from this very talented musician, now is the time to catch up what you have missed. Because the double album Waves shows the many musical faces of Eddie Mulder.

The first disc, Waves, is a collection of studio recordings old and new. First it contains five studio recordings from the three earlier released albums. Don't think they are just instrumentals performed on the acoustic guitar. No way! They are true progressive rock tunes recorded with several guest musicians who played on the drums, bass, keyboards, flutes and recorders. Lots of Mellotron and synthesizer sounds can be heard next to Eddie's amazing playing on the electric and acoustic guitars. I will not go through all of the five tracks, but believe me they are all worth listening to. Just like the only previous released studio track. Joint Venture is again an amazing composition recorded by this very talented musician. On this rather mellow piece of music he got some help from Albert Schoonbeek on drums, Gert Van Engelenburg (Leap Day) on keyboards and Edo Spanninga (Flamborough Head) on keyboards. Eddie himself shines on the electric guitar and moreover played on the guitar zither and bass guitar as well. This instrumental has beautiful solo's performed on the synthesizers and electric guitar. Just a real pleasure to listen to. Just like the other five tracks on this disc.

The additional disc contains a recording of a solo concert that Eddie gave to the Polish audience in Toruń at a progressive rock festival held last year. Among the spectators were the musicians of Flamborough Head as well. With them he also played a concert on the same stage. According to the reaction of the audience the crowd loved what he did on his own. But I guess that's not so strange if you can play like Steve Hackett, Gordon Giltrap, Steve Howe or Anthony Phillips. During the half hour he was on stage he not only performed songs from his solo albums but songs written for the bands he recorded albums with as well. Well not played in a same way but I think they were done as he originally wrote them on his acoustic guitar. This live recording isn't just an extra addition to the studio disc. I loved it all the way from the newly written opening piece Tales From Torun until the final track Journey To The West. Also the short Meeting Tommy, written for his friend and musical hero Tommy Emmanuel, is worth listening and once again shows how talented Eddie is on the six string acoustic guitar.

All in all Waves is a very fine album released by one of the best guitar players in the Netherlands. Someone who can measure easily with all the well know names in the international progressive rock scene. Those who play the guitar as well as Mulder does on this great album. Because that's what Waves is. Even if it contains songs released earlier in his career. Well done Eddie!

**** Henri Strik (edited by Dave Smith)

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