Electric Sarajevo - Madrigals

(CD 2013, 39.44, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Lost, Impero
  2- Watercolours
  3- A Revelation
  4- City Dream
  5- The Worst Lover
  6- Teresa Groismann
  7- The Sky Apart
  8- The Madrigal
  9- If You Only Knew

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Electric Sarajevo is an Italian side project comprising of band members from alternative bands in the Roman music scene. This project includes Paul Alvano (Kardia) on vocals and guitar, Andrea Borraccino (Muven) on bass, Massimiliano Perilli on vocals and guitar and Stefano Tucci (Barnum Freak Show) on synths and drum programming.

Madrigals was recorded, mixed and mastered in Rome between late August and early September 2011. From the first track Lost Empire until the last If You Only Knew, one gets the impression of being lost in a sort of 'neo-fascist mid-eighties electro-post-rock new-wave scenery'. According to the band the theme behind this CD is the 'love seen in the mirror that cries out for revenge, looking for a refuge'. These are stories exposed from different angles, but always driven by that same strong and self-destructive feeling to pursuit peace in your heart.

If you like Simple Minds, New Order, Depeche Mode and avant-garde synthy-pop that sounds like it was recorded thirty years ago, this record must be your thing. And as a bonus you get inaudible English vocals with an Italian accent. If you like anything else, just leave it.

** Gert Bruins (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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