Elephants Of Scotland -
The Perfect Map

(CD 2016, 41:20, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Sun-Dipped Orphans and the Wizard's Teapot(6:07)
  2- Counting On A Ghost(5:38)
  3- One By Sea(4:38)
  4- Swing The Gavel(5:36)
  5- The Perfect Map(7:41)
  6- Random Earth(9:29)
  7- Für Buddy(2:08)


Elephants of Scotland are a band from America and this is their third studio release. The band consist of Adam Rabin ( keyboards, vocals, other noises) , John Whyte (guitar, vocals), Dan MacDonald (bass, vocals) and Ornan McLean (drums, percussion). I had heard their last one Execute And Breathe but I must not have been in the mood for it because it drifted me by and I never returned to it. I have since had another listen and enjoyed it.

But the new one The Perfect Map grabbed me from the start. Tribal rhythms kick off this concept album followed by what can only be described as forty minutes of jaunty tunes and a wash of sound. There is a theme and style that reminds me of Fruup's Prince Of Heavens Eyes. It has that feel about it. However it is all done with modern instrument with some great synth sounds. There is a folkiness bounce to Swing The Gavel and a popiness to Random Earth. There is even a didgeridoo starting the title track. Very enjoyable and one I will be returning to.

***+ Dave Smith

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