Eloy -
The Vision, The Sword And The Pyre (part 2)

(CD 2019, 52:44, Artist Station Records. ASR331902)

The tracks:
  1- An Instant Of Relief... Still The War Rages On(6:28)
  2- Between Hope, Doubts, Fear And Uncertainty(2:12)
  3- Patay(5:23)
  4- Joy(3:45)
  5- Reims... The Coronation Of Charles VII(2:29)
  6- Résumé(2:44)
  7- Armistice Or War?(4:25)
  8- Paris(3:47)
  9- Abandoned(4:43)
10- Compiègne(5:10)
11- Tormenting Imprisonment(2:25)
12- Rouen(4:40)
13- Eternity(3:38)

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After the first part in this diptych I have the honor to do the second part too. In the history of Eloy there were more twin albums like Time To Turn/Planets and Power And The Passion/Dawn. I would personally exclude Ocean 2 from it, because I think it differs too much maybe due to the large timeslot between these 2 (21 years) . But never as obvious as these 2.

The story of Jeanne 'D Arc continues and will reach its climax according to Mr. Bornemann. So where are we 2 years and another drummer later. Well to be blunt, It's not as strong as the first part. It's still a great album, don't get me wrong. But it somehow gives me the feeling that it's more an exercise than the achievement the first one was. Of course I am going to compare these 2. My expectations were high. Maybe a bit too high? Nevertheless an enjoyable album that continues in the same fashion as the first one. I'm not going to do a track-to-track review for the same reason as the previous album. It has all the well-known Eloy ingredients that'll let you enjoy this one with the same nostalgic feeling. Because on this second part are also many points of reference to older works of Eloy, and subtle hints. Although I got the feeling you can make more references to the later works pro-Metromania.
But if you really want to have the full experience. Listen to them both!
I hope the planned Rock Opera will give you that extra kick into this (hi)story.
Undoubtedly a must for every Eloy fan.

**** Erik van Os (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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