Eric Minen - ElectroMoods

(CD 2009, 55:55, Musea/Dreaming DR 8467)

The tracks:
  1- Mood Opening
  2- New Electronica
  3- New Horizon
  4- Itís time to Change
  5- Purple
  6- In Memory
  7- The sun is going Down
  8- Infinity
  9- The Final Trip
10- Mood Closing

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In all this modern day violence of prog metal, sonic ear flap, attacks of the Beyoncees and sound-alikes, itís nice to quiet down with, what I call a Sunday morning record. French guitar player Eric Minen has provided such an album. The title of his second release ElectroMoods already gives away what kind of music we are dealing with: mellow, quiet, tranquil, green pastures, rustling leaves, tinkling pianos and a nice milkmaid in the distance. Get the picture? Just take another sip of your coffee, take another look in the Sunday paper, stroke the cat lying in your lap once more, give a deep sigh and prepare yourself for another busy week while subsiding to the sounds of Eric Minen.

**Andrť de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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