Eurasia - Ilmondoarovescio

(CD 2017, 56:15, Banksville Records, PKM 1704)

The tracks:
  1- Un Mondo A Rovescio(6:36)
  2- Fatti I Fatti Tuoi(6:28)
  3- Il Buio Nero(4:32)
  4- L'avvenire Di Un'illusione(6:10)
  5- Il Fantasma Del Tiranno(5:42)
  6- Vado Contro(3:48)
  7- Il Segreto Nascosto(6:24)
  8- La Luna In Tasca(4:50)
  9- Bispensiero(7:42)
10- Sorano Tamoto(3:59)

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As complicated the title of this album sounds, as complicated is the music.
This Italian quintet gives you a jazz (rock)/fusion album that is (for me) a hard rock to bite. The quality of the music is good without a doubt. The lyrics are all Italian. For the Italian readers I guess it will be interesting.

The use of the instruments is controlled, Marco Cavallo proves to be a skilled guitarist. Most of the vocals are done by the gifted Moreno Delsignore. He knows to place his voice and lyrics on exactly the right places. His voice is more like an instrument. Especially when you don't understand the lyrics you'll look at the voice as an instrument. Can I compare it to other bands to give you an idea where this album is going to? Not really. My knowledge of this music style falls a bit short. I'm not a regular listener to jazz/fusion. It's too freaky for me. Just like King Crimson, and Van Der Graaf Generator. I can't put my finger on it. So I don't like complicate music? That is not quite true. Dream Theater and Porcupine Tree can be complicated too, but in another fashion. You'll have to learn to listen to it.

So if you can analyse the music, it takes this album to another level. I think in the style it's good. Not top notch like Theo Travis' jazz adventures, but certainly not bad.

**(my personal taste)
****(musically) Erik van Os (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)
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