Fizbers - First Mind

(CD 2017, 51:08, Lynx Music)

The tracks:
  1- Flight(1:34)
  2- Factory(7:12)
  3- Normality(5:11)
  4- Life Is A Game(5:22)
  5- Lady With No Real Name(4:22)
  6- First Mind(6:22)
  7- Not Enough Trust(3:28)
  8- Truth(3:57)
  9- Death(4:24)
10- Ashes(9:16)

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Website info, thanks to Google Translate! “The initiative to found the band came in the beginning of April 2016 in the mind of Szymon Kubala after getting a proposal to perform on Skawina Days. The team of Szymon, in which he played until now - Cloud Dancers - and in which the young guitarist started his adventure with music came to an end, citing stress and lack of experience. As a result, on April 24, the offer went to Dominik Pawlus, a friend from middle school, who reacted very enthusiastically. That's how the search for the composition started, in which the guys could play - bass and vocal lacked. It soon turned out that the bass guitar could be provided by the bassist from the old Szymon's band, and a few days later there was also a singer. Dominik - a graduate of the music school at Tyniecka Street, obtained permission from the management to organize weekend rehearsals in the percussion room. Rehearsals are still taking place there. On May 12, the band stood before the organizers of the Skawina event at the first hearing, which did not go well. After this defeat, as well as for personal reasons, Szymon and Dominik thanked the rest of the band for their cooperation and started to look for someone new, this time thinking of creating a progressive band. Ryszard Kramarski - icon of Polish progressive rock - also took part in this decision - as a friend of Dominika he promised to record the newly formed band in his own studio during the next year's holiday. At the turn of May and June, a lot of progressive compositions were created, which the boys were forced to perform in a duet until 9 June. The original version of First Mind was composed, which in the future became the flagship composition on all the band's attempts. At that time, the name of the band was also derived, from the song Planet Of Wolves and showing the order of parts of the work. On June 10, the first rehearsal of the band on which a friend of the previous bassist - Dawid Lewandowski, current bassist and lead vocalist of the band, appeared. The guys immediately joined the cooperation, but for the summer holidays the band's activity had to be suspended for almost three months. After the start of the new school year the most productive period in the Fizbers business began. They got to know each other, they got along with each other, they learned a lot of things related to making music both from the instrumental and technical side. All the time the song called the "experimental rabbit" by the boys was First Mind, on which the Fizbers' collaboration known in its present form grew. At that time, a text was also created which contains the message of the whole album - not to escape from what was at the beginning and always to abide with its original thoughts and assumptions. According to this idea, Fizbers created more and more rock arrangements of their works, which were composed just before the band's creation. Songs such as Ashes, Normality and Lady With No Real Name were slowly evolved. In April 2017, the first demo of the album was composed, consisting of 13 songs. After the selection made by Ryszard Kramarski on May 27, the first serious meeting in the studio took place, and the band made the final decision to record the album entitled First Mind.”

Fizbers its music is simply structured but wonderfully coloured with strong and emotional vocals, moving guitar work, tasteful keyboard play and a solid rhythm-section. To me this band sounds like inspired progheads who wanted to make prog themselves and who have put their entire soul into the music. Especially on the compositions Factory (varied guitar play, beautiful violin and melancholic vocals), First Mind (strong build-up, sparkling piano and wah wah guitar), the very compelling Death (from tender piano and moving vocals to beautiful violin and sensitive electric guitar) and the final song the mid-long and alternating Ashes: wonderful work on guitar, keyboards, violin, halfway an exciting build-up from dreamy to bombastic with wah wah guitar and emotional work on the piano, in combination with emotional vocals, a wonderful conclusion!

This promising new Polish prog formation reminds me of Pendragon, also a band with simply structured music, with the focus on melody, harmony and emotion. I am looking forward to the development of Fizbers!

***+ Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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