Fovea Hex -
The Salt Garden I

(2016, 10: 20:28, CD1: 20:28, CD2: 21:32, Headphone Dust)

The tracks:
The 10
  1- A. The Golden Sun Rises Upon The World Again(4:13)
  2- A. No Bright Avenue(4:48)
  3- B. The Undone Mother(5:26)
  4- B. Solace(6:01)
  1- The Golden Sun Rises Upon The World Again(4:13)
  2- No Bright Avenue(4:48)
  3- The Undone Mother(5:26)
  4- Solace(6:01)
  1- Solace(21:32)

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It seems that Mr. Wilson was charmed by the sound of this band and granted them the honor to be listed. With a bonus! He mixed the 4th track of their album and released it on an additional CD. More can be found on Bandcamp and the label that released previous material, Janet Records.

At first the music has a folk sound. The more time passes by it becomes more prog. Dreamy, floating sounds together with the folk like sound of the singer Clodagh Simonds, creates a magical sound. The use of the instruments is balanced. You can think in the line of Dead Can Dance. I only can describe this record as beautiful. The last track Solace is instrumental and that is also the track Wilson mixed. If you like Bass Communion you'll be well served here. The mix stretches this track out to more than 21 minutes of soundscapes and the influence of Wilson is clearly present.

****+ Erik van Os (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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