Fractal Mirror -
Close To Vapour

(CD 2018, 50:26, Bad Elephant Music)

The tracks:
  1- Mind The Gap(5:22)
  2- Book(4:26)
  3- Beyond The Pale(4:52)
  4- White Sounds(5:25)
  5- Silver(4:20)
  6- Close To Vapour(7:28)
  7- Snow(2:06)
  8- Hey You(4:57)
  9- Tabula Rasa(5:47)
10- The Ever Rain(5:43)

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Fractal Mirror is a band from The Netherlands led by Leo Koperdraat. Close To Vapour is their fourth album and the first one published by a record label, Bad Elephant Music. The participants on the album are Leo Koperdraat (vocals, guitars and keys), Frank Urbaniak (drums and percussion), Brett Kull from Echolyn (guitar, bass, keys and background vocals) and at last former band member and now guest musician Ed van Haagen (keys).

Until now Background Magazine never wrote a review of Fractal Mirror, so this is their baptism of fire.

With this album I get to know this band for the first time. What can you expect from this band? This music settles in between pop music and light progressive rock, a kind of progpop. The songs don't sound that complicated, however it needed their spins to me to became into Fractal Mirror land. But if you give yourself the time to let this album grow on you, what really is needed, then you will find some nice music. On to the songs then.

Mind The Gap opens quiet with some guitar parts, until you are awakened by the tasty drum parts. Singer Koperdraat has his very own voice that I can really handle. In the song Book the music revolves around the lyrics that are sung so beautifully by Leo. From the song Beyond The Pale I get a real good feeling. The song leads you to two beautiful solos on guitar that really touches you, it gives me a wow feeling. Another long, lovely guitar solo is given to you in the song White Sound, it touches your emotions again. In the song Silver I hear a bit of the old Pink Floyd and the song could be their first single. The title track, Close To Vapour, is the longest track on the album. There is plenty of time to show you all the beauty, a slow solo on keys that convince you and also the singing together is good. In the dreamy song Tabula Rasa there are two great guitar solos. The closing track The Ever Rain is a warm song with a guitar solo that moves you.

The conclusion for me is that the album has its moments, but for me it is too mellow, and that has nothing to do with Fractal Mirror but more with the music that I feel really comfortable with. I will give the album four stars because of the quality, despite it not totally being my cup of tea. Judge yourself, go and give it a listen, Fractal Mirror deserves it!

**** Michel Stolk (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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