Gianni Nicola And Band -
Oh No It's Prog

(CD 2020, 41:00, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Happy Song
  2- Early Morning Musings
  3- The Dream
  4- Taking A Stroll With Jethro
  5- Through The Corridor


Oh No It's Prog is a musical project by Italian Gianni Nicola, with additional hired musicians. At the age of 51 he decided that it was time to become a solo artist, inspired by his prog idols Genesis, King Crimson, Marillion, IQ and The Tangent. Gianni started a fundraising campaign on the Internet, this resulted in generating an amount of 730 euro, not a bad result.

Happy Song: The first track starts with a Strawberry Fields Forever-like Mellotron flute, in a slow rhythm and featuring cheerful higher pitched female vocals (in decent English). A sensitive electric guitar solo gradually turns more heavy. Then a flashy Minimoog solo, in the 24-carat symphonic rock tradition.

Early Morning Musings: A dreamy atmosphere with twanging guitar and warm female vocals. Then a bombastic eruption with howling electric guitar solo, it sounds dynamic.

The Dream (a-Comfortably Sitting On The Toilet Seat, b-Through The Corridor, c-The Room, d-The Fight, e-See You Next Time): This epic composition contains lots of flowing shifting moods, embellished with fat synthesizer drops, moving guitar, dreamy flute, a subtle bluesy guitar solo, Minimoog flights, rock guitar, and subtle Fender electric piano. It builds to a wonderful bombastic final part featuring moving guitar and majestic Mellotron choirs.

Taking A Stroll With Jethro: This track delivers dreamy twanging acoustic guitars and flute, a pleasant folky sound. Then a slow rhythm with tight drums. This is followed by a surprising jazzy Fender electric piano solo. Halfway a Minimoog solo with spectacular use of the pitchbend button. Finally soaring Hammond organ and delicate Fender piano, alongside fine work on the flute.

Through The Corridor (alternative version from part 2 of The Dream). This short folky oriented piece contains twanging acoustic guitar, a melancholy cello sound and a Mellotron flute, it sounds tasteful, a kind of pastoral prog like, early Genesis.

Gianna Nicola has made a pleasant album, in the Seventies symphonic rock tradition, with some nice own musical ideas, a tasteful effort, no more or less.

*** Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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