Glacier - Island In The Sky

(CD 57:50, 2021, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- The Isle Of Glass(7:15)
  2- Union(5:24)
  3- Our Children(5:43)
  4- The Icing On The Wake(10:58)
  5- Lament For Persephone(4:21)
  6- The Man Who Cried(8:42)
  7- Nightwing (Intro) + Lights Out(7:05)
  8- There Be Monsters(1:11)
  9- Nightwing(6:47)
10- Oddessay (Outro)(1:24)

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Glacier is a UK based septet that delivers a lot of variety on their latest album Island In The Sky, it sounds melodic, harmonic and tasteful with pleasant work on the guitar, keyboards and violin. I will mention my highlights.

A blend of pop, melodic rock and classical in Union (from an up-tempo to dreamy with wonderful violin play).

Mid-tempo Neo-Prog featuring fine synthesizer flights in Our Children.

A strong blend of symphonic rock and melodic rock in The Icing On The Wake (tasteful interplay between guitar, violin and keyboards, Kansas comes to my mind, and majestic Mellotron violins and a sensitive guitar solo).

Soundtrack-like music in Lament For Persephone (melancholy atmosphere with tender work on guitar, piano and flute, in the end a moving guitar solo with howling runs).

From an intro with street sounds, accordion and a barking dog to a slow rhythm with sensitive electric guitar, then gradually more bombastic with fiery guitar and intense violin, and finally tender classical piano in The Man Who Cried.

From Old School symphonic rock to Neo-Prog in the mid-long Nightwing Intro/Lights Out. The music is embellished with sumptuous Mellotron violins and moving guitar, and a mid-tempo with fiery guitar and intense and swirling violin play, finally wonderful interplay guitar and violin.

And from folky to Neo-Prog in Nightwing (from tender piano and howling guitar to a folky flute and a mid-tempo with sensitive electric guitar).

To me this Glacier new album sounds tasteful and varied.

***+ Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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