Harvey Bainbridge -
Dreams, Omens & Strange Encounters

(CD 2010, 61:45, Atomhenge ATOMCD1020)

The tracks:
  1- Fatima's Hand(12:32)
  2- Nemesis(18:38)
  3- The Scanning(1:39)
  4- Zone of Avoidance / The Voyage(12:44)
  5- Unravelled in Rye(23:07)

Cherry Red Records

Hawkwind is a clear case of the total being less than the sum of the parts. Despite being a lifelong fan of this magnificent British space rock band, I always found that the output of the individual members had far less quality than what they made together. Of course, there was the occasional gem from bassist Alan Davey, or from guitarist, vocalist Dave Brock or guitarist Huw Lloyd-Langton. The output from the latter was probably the best, but on the other hand you had the inconsistent albums from Robert Calvert, the quite awful ones from Michael Moorcock and the - to put it plainly - boring CD's from Harvey Bainbridge. Being the keyboard player of Hawkwind for many many years, I always hope his next album will be inspired but alas, Dreams, Omens & Strange Encounters again consists of long electronic tracks which are quite frankly less than exciting. There are many EM musicians out there, like Ron Boots or Redshift, who are much better in this musical genre.

* André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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