Head With Wings -
Comfort In Illusion

(CD 2021, 17:54, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Of Uncertainty(7:00)
  2- Contemplating the Loop(4:52)
  3- In A House Without Clocks(6:02)

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Comfort In Illusion by Head With Wings is a magnificent three song release. It had me at first listen and I immediately downloaded just about everything Head With Wings had released on Apple Music. On this EP, Head With Wings (from New Haven, Connecticut) is: Andrew Testa (drums), Brandon Cousino (guitars), Steve Hill (bass), Mike Short (guitars) and Joshua Corum (lyrics, lead and backing vocals).

The opener, Of Uncertainty, begins with a soft pizzicato guitar and the vocals really shine. The writing is exquisite. From the lyrics: “Yet I'm not broken, bent at the knees though I've been here before. Don't you judge me while I'm pushing for change. Sound the alarms because I am awake!” Meaningful, deep lyrics.
Next up is, Contemplating The Loop which has some really great, maybe Latin inspired, guitar riffs and lots of dynamics. That's one of the things I really look for in a band, lots of changes yet a coherence that keeps the songs in my brain. I went to sleep hearing the last song, In The House Without Clocks, in my mind. It starts with this eerie guitar loop with voices in the background then hits you in the face with heavy guitars and intense vocals. I love this song so much!

This band could be compared with bands like Riverside or Lunatic Soul, two of my (many) favorite 21st century bands. That said, they have their own unique sound. The musicianship is top-notch and the vocalist makes me melt a little. Really emotive; brings out the 'feels'. In fact, I'm listening now and I have goose bumps.

This is already in high rotation in my personal listening. I highly recommend this band and this release and give it full five stars.

***** Terri Selbe

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