Headspace -
All That You Fear Is Gone

(CD 2016, 72:53, Inside Out Music)

The tracks:
  1- Road To Supremacy(4:58)
  2- Your Life Will Change(6:41)
  3- Polluted Alcohol(6:10)
  4- Kill You With Kindness(8:17)
  5- The Element(1:50)
  6- The Science Within Us(13:14)
  7- Semaphore(5:39)
  8- The Death Bell(1:49)
  9- The Day You Return(3:24)
10- All That You Fear Is Gone(4:53)
11- Borders And Days(5:23)
12- Secular Gods(10:35)

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All That You Fear Is Gone is the second album from the “super” group Headspace, consisting of: Damian Wilson (vocals, Threshold), Adam Wakeman (keyboards, son of Rick Wakeman), Pete Rinaldi (guitars), Lee Pomeroy (bass guitar, It Bites) and Adam Falkner (drums).

Right from the start I can say that if you liked Headspace's debut album I Am Anonymous (2012), then you will like their new album as well; the only difference is that most of the songs on the new album are shorter and therefore a bit more compact. All That You Fear Is Gone “only” features two “really” long tracks: Secular Souls (10:35) and The Science Within Us, which clocks in just over 13 minutes. To me, these two epic tracks, form the highlights of the album, which is in fact an album that sounds almost the same as their debut as it still is technically very well played progressive rock (metal) which of course reminds me of good old Dream Theater sometimes. The vocals of Wilson are very distinctive and perhaps in some of the tracks a bit too dominant and for some listeners this music might even be too complex, too ambitious and too intense, but I definitely am a fan of Headspace. The sound on this album is more varied as it contains several “softer” songs and I think that you need to listen to this album quite often to really appreciate it at its true value. Stand out tracks on this great album to me are: The Science Within Us, Secular Souls, Kill You With Kindness and the amazing epic The Science Within Us.

All That You Fear Is Gone is the second part of a planned trilogy and I am already looking forward to part 3; meanwhile I will enjoy this album which will end up high in my best of list of 2016!!

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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