Herd Of Instinct -
Herd Of Instinct

(CD 2011, 46:13, Firepool Records FR001)

The tracks:
  1- Transformation
  2- Room without Shadows
  3- Road to Ashville
  4- Hex
  5- Blood Sky
  6- Anamnesis
  7- Vibrissa
  8- Possession
  9- S. Karma
10- The Face of Another

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The debut album of the Texan band Herd Of Instinct has been released on the new indie label Firepool Records, which is run by Djam Karet. If you know and like that band, you will like Herd Of Instinct as well. They also make instrumental music with musicians who are well-versed on their instruments. The band consists of Mark Cook (Warr-guitar, synths, samples), Mike Davison (guitars, guitar synth) and Jason Spradlin (drums). There's also a clear link with the King Crimson- scene as drummers Pat Mastelotto and Gavin Harrison are guest musicians on this eponymous album. In addition, well-known people participate like Peter Gabriel- drummer Jerry Marotta, Djam Karet's guitarist Gayle Ellett and electronic music guitarist Markus Reuter. However, the main role is for the Warr-guitar of Cook which dominates the music. Most tracks on Herd Of Instinct contain the more heavy side of the aforementioned bands, which causes eventually a certain fatigue in the listener; a bit more variety would have been nice. Maybe therefore the only vocal song Blood Sky, with fine vocals by Kris Swenson, comes as a bit of relief. But nonetheless, this herd makes intriguing music for the more adventurous prog and fusion fan.

***André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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