Heylel - Flesh

(CD 2015, 20:30, Interstellar Cloud IC012015 - CD)

The tracks:
  1- Saints(4:33)
  2- Heritage(4:05)
  3- An Old Man's Tale(5:38)
  4- Denial(2:54)
  5- Paranoid Hysteria(3:17)

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Heylel are Narciso Monteiro on guitar, bass and keyboards, Ana Batista on vocals and Filipe Braga on drums and percussion. This is the first EP from the Portuguese band. I think the artwork is amazing, just like their previous album Nebulae (see review), which they released last year. You can see pigs that are circling around the mushroom cloud like a carrousel.

The first track Saints starts with a haunting but beautiful guitar sound. The acoustic guitar that you hear in this powerful track is the cherry on the pie. Ana Batista has a wonderful and lovely voice to listen to. Heritage has a more prog metal feeling. The chorus is very gothic like and it reminds me of Within Temptation and Nightwish. The drums could use more power on this track in my opinion. An Old Man's Tale starts very soft with only guitars and bass and is the complete opposite of Heritage. Ana sings very soft and sweet and gets accompanied by a piano and acoustic guitar. Later the drums make a solid underground for the lovely acoustic guitar solo. At the end the acoustic guitar solo is replaced by an electric guitar solo to give the track a more powerful ending. The fourth track Denial starts pretty dark with a haunting Mellotron and low voice by guest vocalist Paulo Rodrigues. The guitar reminds me a bit of Pink Floyd while the track is more gothic and metal like. It's the shortest track on the album. The last track Paranoid Hysteria is a great, up tempo track. The rough bass is a bit too much in the background, it could be a bit louder according to me. The middle part of track is hilarious! You hear circus sounds and haunting laughter.

The band has really grown, as I think this EP is even better than the previous album. I hope this band will make a lot more albums in the near future because they are great!

****+ Iris Hidding (edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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