Hope To Find - Still Constant

(CD 2010, 27:22, Indie)

The tracks:
  1- The Grand Opening
  2- Walking Walls
  3- Witness Of Happiness
  4- City Soul

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Hope To Find is a Turkish progressive rock band founded in 2003 by guitarists Zafer Yüksel and Seçkin Can Koyuncu. After they participated on a few compilation albums in 2008, they started to work as a band to record the debut album which had to bring them under the notice of a wider audience. The album was mixed by guitarist Volkan Yirtici, a well-known name in the Turkish progressive rock and fusion community. On this album Zafer Yüksel is, besides playing guitar, the lead singer and he does that very well. The other members are Alper Dagalp (keyboards), Erdem Korkmaz (bass guitar) and Orkun Sen (drums). The aforementioned Seçkin Can Koyuncu recently left the band, but he’s still present on this album. Through MySpace, the band is looking for a new vocalist, so Zafer can focus completely on his guitar playing. If you’re interested after listening to the album, they might be looking for you…

The album’s opener is called The Grand Opening, which I think is completely true. This song starts with a catchy guitar melody over a real pleasant groove, followed by the vocals in a very melodic and relaxed way showing Zafer is a great vocalist for this kind of music. The keyboard parts are cool and relaxed, but the main riff continues and will keep your attention towards the perfect ending. The low volume of the bass part at the end of the song is just unfortunate, but it still remains an outstanding piece. With a soft guitar and piano you enter the world of Walking Walls. The heavy drums and progressive keyboards will lead you further on to another highlight. The vocals are very special here, talking with short words abruptly spoken followed by inspiring keyboards, but the icing on the cake is the freaky drums ending this song. Witness Of Happiness is a heavy progressive rock-metal song which reminds me of another great band: Ice Age. It has very strong melodic vocals, a heavy complex structure, double bass, layers of keyboards and outstanding guitar solos that can also be found in the music of Dream Theater and Pain Of Salvation. It’s a joy to listen to the rhythm guitar with the keyboard and vocal parts that ends this song in a pleasant way. Smooth keyboards, heavy drumming and riffing guitars are the beginning of the final song City Soul. With expressive and emotional vocals, this song becomes a cool and relaxed progressive epic including mood changes, outstanding keyboard solos and wonderfully played guitar solos. This piece starts relaxed and mellow and finally grows to a climax. And when it’s over I push the repeat button again…

Hope To Find ehh… hope to find a new vocalist and I certainly hope they will find one soon. It would be a pity if this band would call it a day, because this formation has lots of potential. After this fine introduction, I would like to hear more of this Turkish prog rock promise in the near future.

**** Pedro Bekkers (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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