House Of Shakira - HoS

(CD 2012, 49:33, Lion Music LMC315)

The tracks:
  1- Brick Wall Falling(3:45)
  2- Changes In Mind(3:30)
  3- Carry My Load(4:07)
  4- Zodiac Maniac(4:22)
  5- Fractions Of Love(3:22)
  6- Midnight Hunger(3:47)
  7- Endless Night(4:12)
  8- All Aboard!(3:42)
  9- What Goes Around..(3:28)
10- I'll Be Gone(4:21)
11- Voice In The Void(4:27)
12- Lost In Transition(3:37)
13- Out Of My Head(2:52)

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HoS is the new album of the Swedish rockers of House Of Shakira, the band with the most horrible name ever! On this album, which is the first after five years of silence, you can hear the new singer Andreas Novak for the first time. House Of Shakira make melodic hard rock with a tendency towards pop rock, but sometimes I also hear influences of AOR in their music. Anyway, singer Novak is not the only new musician in the band as the rhythm section now consists of newcomers Basse Blyberg (bass guitar) and Martin Larsson (drums).

The thirteen new songs on this album all sound too much alike in my opinion and several simple songs like Lost In Transition or All Aboard! are totally redundant. Moreover there's nothing 'progressive' about the music of House Of Shakira, so this album is only for diehard fans of predictable melodic Scandinavian rock. I think the best song is Fractions Of Love played in the vein of Def Leppard, but the rest is simply too mediocre and contains too much singing!

** Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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